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MacNean Art Gallery Celebrated the Successful Launch of Patrick Timoney's Lockdown Collection at The Workhouse

The MacNean Art Gallery proudly delivered an exclusive exhibition, on Thursday evening (16 November), featuring the abstract works of Patrick Timoney at The Workhouse. This event marked the first public display of Timoney's captivating pieces, offering a unique insight into his artistic journey during lockdown.

Born in Sligo, Ireland, in 1935, Patrick Timoney's artistic talent emerged early in life. His dedication to art persisted through his school years, university education, and a successful career as an economist. Timoney's portfolio showcases a diverse range of subjects, from landscapes and street scenes to abstracts and illustrations.

The exhibition showcased a carefully curated selection of Timoney's abstract pieces, created during the challenging times of lockdown. These works, are now on loan to The Workhouse, where users can enjoy and engage with contemporary art, fostering a greater appreciation for the creativity and innovation within the artistic community.

For those unable to attend the exhibition in person, Patrick Timoney's artwork is available for purchase online through the MacNean Art Gallery website. This online platform, supported by CynestX Incubator, provides art enthusiasts from across the globe, the opportunity to bring Timoney's unique creations into their homes.

At the age of 88, Patrick Timoney's unwavering passion for art serves as an inspiring testament to the pursuit of one's love and talent throughout a lifetime. His journey, from early artistic endeavours to building a business around his passion, is a remarkable story of dedication and creativity.

The MacNean Art Gallery thanked the community for joining in celebrating Patrick Timoney's art at The Workhouse.

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